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The School’s strategic guidelines and objectives

The Public Administration School of Catalonia (EAPC) is an independent administrative body founded in 1912 and affiliated to the Catalan Government’s  Department of Governance, Public Administrations, and Housing. Law 4/1987, of 24 March, regulates the School and defines its organisation and its functions.

Strategic guidelines

  • Implement a prestigious EAPC model geared towards the academic, political, administrative, and humanist training of the Catalan public Administration’s personnel.
  • Adapt the EAPC’s services and resources, addressed to all personnel in the Catalan public Administration, to the political and social demands and requirements of the 21st
  • Place the EAPC among the main international benchmarks in the continued training of leaders and managers in the public sector.
  • Strengthen the EAPC’s relationship with the Catalan university system and with similar international centres through active cooperation and collaboration in the areas of public sector training and research.


The Public Administration School of Catalonia is an independent body of the Catalan Government with its own legal personality, affiliated to the Department of Governance, Public Administrations, and Housing through the Secretariat of Public Administration and Service.

The School offers services and products linked to recruiting and recognising talent, training, consultancy, and research in the public service field.

These services are for all personnel in the Catalan public system as well as anyone involved in public management, all in collaboration with the university system and with similar organisations with international scope.

Excellence, innovation, transparency, accountability, and public virtue are the key values that frame the development of our mission.


The National School of Governance and Public Administrations (ENGAP) will become a fundamental state structure that will organise and rationalise training aimed at all the people who participate in the provision of public services and it will become an international reference in the generation and transfer of knowledge on everything that concerns government, governance, administration, and management and innovation in public services. It aims to become an engine of change for Catalan public administrations so that they can provide better services to citizens.

What we want to achieve: objectives for 2017

Using the evaluation of the results of the EAPC 2016 Master Plan and the objectives proposed by the School’s three sub-directorates for 2017, in December 2016 the EAPC 2017 Master Plan will be prepared, including the allocation of the corresponding budgetary resources.

  1. Bring the new law into Parliament.
  2. Sign an agreement for the governance of training in the Catalan public sector.
  3. Launch the Master’s in Public Management (MDP).
  4. Set up an EAPC research group to plan actions to gain the accreditation of the Agency for Management of University and Research Grants (AGAUR).
  5. Complete the report on changing the MDP from an EAPC qualification to an official UOC (Open University of Catalonia) qualification.
  6. Implement internal consulting in the Department of Governance, Public Administrations, and Housing.
  7. Launch 6 new self-training and workplace training products.
  8. Implement the public sector training plan.
  9. Develop a MOOC on the detection of training needs.
  10. Publish three issues of the e-Magazine.
  11. Design the training plan for public managers.
  12. Redesign the induction plans (managers, civil servants, and public employees).
  13. Carry out a data protection audit.
  14. Implement a new computerised document classification system.
  15. Develop the EAPC services list with the corresponding quality commitments.
  16. Carry our 7 ‘Dialogue’ actions in different areas: Terres de l’Ebre, Lleida, Tarragona, Barcelona, Alt Pirineu i Aran, Central Catalonia, and Girona.
  17. Carry out a study to detect the priority needs of the local administrations.
  18. Sign agreements with the Chilean Civil/State Service; the Ecuadorian Institute of Higher National/State Studies; and the French National Centre for Local Public Service.
  19. Present a new system of public tariffs and price scales to the Board of Governors.
  20. Apply cost accounting.
  21. Design the new EAPC websites in English, Spanish, and Catalan.
  22. Launch a School App.

Objectives for 2016

  1. Approve the decree for restructuring the EAPC. (achieved)
  2. Prepare and apply a programme of uses for the EAPC’s spaces on the basis of its new organisational restructuring. (achieved)
  3. Develop the new EAPC services catalogue. (not achieved)
  4. Prepare the EAPC services list with the corresponding quality commitments. (not achieved)
  5. Prepare a map of the EAPC’s processes. (achieved)
  6. Redesign the EAPC’s role in and relations with the Catalan university system in terms of post-graduate training and research associated with the public sector using protocol guidelines to govern those relations. (achieved)
  7. Create an EAPC research group. (achieved)
  8. Develop the EAPC’s internationalisation plan. (achieved)
  9. Formulate a strategic plan to launch an English-language e-Magazine on senior public management. (achieved)
  10. Organise an international academic event on public service and management. (achieved)
  11. Prepare the draft of a new law for the National School of Governance and Public Administrations (ENGAP). (achieved)
  12. Develop an EAPC management team. (achieved)
  13. Renew the editorial committees of the Revista Catalana de Dret Públic (Catalan Journal of Public Law) and of the Revista de Llengua i Dret (Journal of Language and Law). (achieved)
  14. Launch the EAPC’s Master’s in Public Management under new joint leadership. (achieved)
Update:  02.02.2017