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European Public Mosaic (EPuM). Open Journal on Public Service

The European Public Mosaic (EPuM). Open Journal on Public Service is a journal by the Public Administration School of Catalonia aimed at disseminating and contributing to the debate on public management and innovation in public administrations at a European and worldwide level. The journal is published entirely in English and includes interviews with experts, in-depth articles and sections on best practice, new trends and the latest updates. Each issue covers a specific topic. The editorial board is keen to receive content from relevant institutions, academics and professionals interested in contributing. The EPuM has an advisory board made up of members with backgrounds from the university, research and public administration spheres.


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This work is subject to a Creative Commons license. Its reproduction, distribution and public communication for non-commercial uses are thus permitted as long as specific credit is given to the authors, and to the Public Administration School of Catalonia as publisher of the journal. More information on the license 3.0 here.


This journal is published four times a year. The articles published reflect only the opinions of their authors.


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